Retreat Activities & Excursions

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Retreat Activities & Excursions

We offer a range of activities and excursions to offer your participants as either part of the reteat inclusions or as optional free-time activities…  weaving class, cooking class, offering making class, local and buddhist temple visits, women’s fire circle, waterfalls & hot springs, food workshops and much more.

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Healing Plant Tour

Guided Healing Plant Tour (Les Waterfall)

A short 15 minute drive from Poinciana is all it takes to arrive at your stunning destination. Here you will be guided along the gorgeous waterfall path surrounded by sensational jungle nature, gathering a variety of greens as you go, whilst learning the healing properties of each particular species. Experience a spiritual cleansing as you step under the waterfall, allowing the pure waters to hit the crown chakra and wash clean the body, mind and spirit. A quick stop in at Warung Ra allows you to enjoy your healing greens in a delicious smoothie, along with a Ra Healing Foods signature ’Jungle Chocolate’.  
Price: 250.000 IDR per person

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Dolphin Watching

Guided Sunrise Dolphin Watching Tour

Take a traditional jukung out to join the dolphins for a spectacular sunrise off the north coast. Spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins and bottle nosed dolphins are among the species in the area. It’s a 6am start right from the beach at Poinciana. Return time is before breakfast, so it leaves the rest of the day for other activities. The best months to see the dolphins are July-Oct, but even if the dolphins are scarce, just being at one with nature in this way is the most beautiful way to start your day. 

Price: 250.000 IDR per person

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Temple & Offering

Bali Offering Making Class and a visit to Tajun Temple or Ponjok Batu Temple

Learn to make your own canang sari offering, the most prolifically made and thus important rituals in Balinese life. Then take your canang sari as an offering to Tajun Temple, one of the oldest and powerfully spiritual temple sites in Bali. Tajun Temple is not well known by those not living in the area and had been, until a few years ago, restricted to everyone except those actually living in the village of Tajun. Price: IDR 150.000 per person

…or make an offering with your canang sari at Ponjok Batu Temple, one on Bali’s seven sacred sea temples, said to ward off evil spirits coming in from the North East. Price: IDR 250.000 per person.   

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Thermal sulfur hot spring & visit to Bali's largest Buddhist temple!

There’s something about hot water that is just so soothing to the body and the soul and fortunately, there’s 2 separate hot springs just 90 minutes from Poinciana.

West of Poinciana and close to Lovina is situated the largest Buddhist Temple in Bali, along with the Kekeran rice terrace and  the therapeutic hot springs that are referred to by locals as ‘Air Panas Banjar’.  Price:  500.000 per car and then entrance for 2 hrs- 50.000 IDR per person, 3hrs-65.000 IDR per person.

The second Springs are situated to the South of Poinciana at the village of Kintamani.  Here is where you will discover the Mt Batur Thermal Springs.  There are several facilities here ranging from the larger public springs to smaller, more private facilities. Price:  500.000 IDR per car plus 100.000 IDR entry fee per person

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Sound Circle a gathering of Sisters around a beach or jungle fire, seated upon the earth and sharing in a warm, heart opening cocoa drink that we have infused with intentions.  Co creating this safe space, we allow what is present in our being to arise and flow through our voices in beyond verbal sounds.  There is no expectation to sing in specific tune or harmonize in any special way.  Though, as our vulnerability and authentic self is expressed we often notice the uncanny harmony resonating from this union 

Price: 200.000 IDR per car - and if you wish a jungle fire additional 200.000 IDR per person

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Yoga Class

We have gentle 60 minute or 90 minute yoga/exercise classes available.  These classes are suitable for all ages and levels of experience.  Please note:  we do not hold advanced level yoga classes, however, if this is your desire, we would be happy to assist you in finding a yoga teacher for your retreat.  

Price varies depending on the group size and session time required… eg 1 hr session 10-14 participants- 800,000 IDR

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Kirtan Chanting

Kirtan - an evening of devotional chanting

...we are very lucky to have Ben, one of Ubud’s Kirtan singer’s available by appointment for a Saturday evening of Kirtan. To avoid disappointment, please let us know well in advance you would like to make a booking with Ben.  

Price:  2.500.000 IDR

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Traditional Weaving

...using natural plant fibers or recycled plastic. Just like our fore mothers, we collect and use natural plant fibers to twist and weave into string and baskets.  Using traditional weaving styles, our hands connect with raw earth materials in this meditative activity.  If there is interest, we can also use recycled plastic bags to coil weave. This is a 2 hour session.

Price: 200.000 IDR p/p

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Food Workshop

Indonesian Food Workshop

Take a class to learn how to make the tradition canang sari offering, or a Balinese cooking class and equip yourself with the skills to spice up your cooking and impress your friends and family. We offer both Balinese Meal and Indonesian & Balinese Sambal cooking classes. You will also receive a cook book of recipes with each class.  

Price: 250.000 IDR per person

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Evening Fire

The perfect way to top off a beautiful retreat day!  Let us know in advance if you wish to use the fire pit so that we can pre-purchase fire-wood and prepare the fire for lighting.  

Price:  300.000 IDR per fire

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Workshop Decoration

Decorate your Yoga room/workshop space

Decorate your yoga/seminar space each morning with flowers to set the scene for today’s lesson.  Price:  100.000 IDR per day  

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Balinese Massage

Along with the Yes Spa delicious Hot Herbal Massage and other treatments, we have two Balinese therapists, available by appointment, that focus on healing therapeutic massage.  If this is of interest please let us know.  

Price:  200.000+ IDR per 90 minute session

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Retreat Center Gallery

Some selected images of activities at our retreat center.

Retreat Activities

We offer various retreat activities in our perfect venue for retreats for up to 20 people. Weaving class, cooking class, offering making class, local and buddhist temple visits, woman fire circle, waterfalls & hot springs, food work shops and much more.....

Address: Jalan Raya Tejakula, Tembok 81173, North-East Bali

Phone: (+62)81 339 523 458 (WhatsApp)

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