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“Not all retreats are alike. The kind of retreat you are running will dictate your meal choices. The retreat menu for a yoga teacher training, a mindfulness meditation retreat and for a corporate retreat will be very different.
Regardless of what kind of retreat you are running, great food is one of the key factors to a successful retreat. It’s important that your venue is able to work with you to accommodate your dietary preferences. With this in mind, we have developed a vegetarian and non-vegetarian, tried and tested retreat menu that is not only nutritionally balanced, but amazingly good. The Poinciana retreat facilitator will work with you to fine tune your retreat menu to make sure meets your dietary preferences and supports your workshop goals.
With the new addition of our Ra healing foods options, we can also customize the menu to accommodate vegan and gluten-free meals, and have a number of raw food options available to add to your retreat menu.”

Ra Healing Food

Ra Healing Foods … Anciently it was understood that the physical body was in fact a living temple, literally the home or abode of the Spirit (God/Goddess) within, and therefore, only foods of the highest vibration should be allowed to enter the temple.

Our Ra Healing Food recipes are based on this ancient philosophy and the wisdom of the SWNYT (ancient lady healers of Egypt) who understood that in order to be long lived and disease free, we should eat a Ra Food diet, Ra meaning ‘from the Sun’. They knew that by eating a plant food diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes grown in the temperate zone a person was living, in the season they naturally came forth, and drinking/eating the raw and fermented milks, cheeses and yogurts made from the milk of all the beasts that were put on Mother Earth to eat the grasses and provide us with light/intelligence and nutrition via their milk, the people would be getting the highest nutritional value from these foods and in fact, the nutritional components would circulate in the blood for one whole year until that food came forth again the following year.

Food for Every Retreat

Our “Ra Food” (raw and cooked vegetarian) will delight the strictest of vegetarians and vegans alike. If you thought vegetarian food was boring… well, think again! And the dessert menu is to die for - delicious, guilt free raw sensations that nourish both – body and soul.

That having been said, not everyone is a vegetarian. Our non-vegetarian menu uses locally bred poultry and freshly caught fish and has a wide range of options to choose from. You can even choose to mix and match items from both menus. Poinciana has food for every retreat.  Connect with our Retreat Facilitator to find out more about your options and to see a sample menu.”

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We offer various retreat activities in our perfect venue for retreats for up to 20 people. Weaving class, cooking class, offering making class, local and buddhist temple visits, woman fire circle, waterfalls & hot springs, food work shops and much more.....